JPN Technologies Services cc uses Model Maker Systems Software for technical- and land-surveying, engineering, mining, town-planning, landscaping, quantity surveying, irrigation design and construction.

Survey calculations and diagrams, digital terrain / ground modelling, CAD, Contouring, Earthworks, Road-, Sewer-, Stormwater-, Irrigation-design and Volume calculations  are only a little of what we offer.


Surveying /Nuclear Soil Density

•  Land and cadastral surveying and mapping

•  Construction and building surveying

•  Engineering surveying

•  Road and drainage surveying

•  Bulk earthworks and volumes

•  Torrens Title, Strata and Community subdivisions

•  Conveyancing surveys and reports

•  Contour, detail and site analysis surveys

•  Flood level surveys

•  Topographical surveys

•  B.O.M.A. surveys

•  C.A.D. contract drafting

•  High rise construction and supervision

•  Subdivision design and layout

•  Railway setout and alignment

•  Bridge and overpass setout and construction

•  Mining surveying

•  Dam design and construction

•  Monitoring surveys