"Redefining Productivity & Reliability"


Who We Are

JPN Technologies Services is a relatively small, but Specialist Company, concentrating on earth moving services, construction services, environmental monitoring, environmental engineering and solving of environmental challenges for its clients.

Our Aim

As a provider of world-renowned earthmoving, construction, mining and quarrying services, our aim is to match the needs of our customers with ultimate productivity by: Providing our customers with specialist solutions that will enhance their profitability; Reacting quickly to the customers' needs and wants by either sourcing - standard equipment from abroad or in supplying local, custom-built equipment as our customers diversify into new market sectors; and Striving for service excellence in after-sales service on the full range of services that we dispense

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be alert and ready to meet the requirements of our customers, our shareholders, our employees and business associates.

To our customers we commit ourselves to excellence in reputation and aftermarket service.

To our shareholders we pledge to contribute to their expected growth, earnings and profitability.

To our employees we pledge the continual development of our ensure professionalism, personal advancement and security.

Meeting World Standards

JPN Technologies Services uses a number of internationally renowned manufacturers whose products are designed to meet the strict emission and safety control regulations that apply to the industrialised first-world countries.

Since South Africa closely follows global standards, customers can rest assured that the products we use meet local safety standards. Benefits derived from such high safety standards incorporate: enhanced ergonomics; improved productivity; conformance to quality standards; reduced operating cost and ultimately, client satisfaction.

  A Company of Substance

JPN Technologies Services formerly Kruger Earthmoving (Transport) was originally established in 1994 the company expanded further in mid-2004 when a self-directed division with responsibility for earthmoving and construction services was formed. By adding mining services to its scope, JPN Tech subsequently positioned itself as one of the most respected names in the earthmoving, construction, mining and quarrying services industry.

JPN Tech an therefore offer a comprehensive range of services.

A Journey to Success

JPN Technologies Services, Kruger Earthmoving , ( formerly Kruger Transport and later Kruger Earthmoving ) a top supplier of services to the mining, processing and construction industries, was established over a decade ago by The Group Founder, Jan P N Kruger JPN Technologies Services dates back to 1989 when a young man start his career at Iscor Groote Geluk, open cast mine. unparalleled growth resulted in services being established for varies of industries and services to supply in the entire continent.  This expansion resulted in circumstances changing within the Group.

The change has, however, not affected the day-to-day business of the company as the management style and culture remains unchanged.

Who Our Clients Are

Our clients are mainly mines, industries that may have an impact on the environment and local authorities, although we have done specialist projects for a much wider clientele.

Due to safety, security and truthfulness we strive to keep clientele information confidential.

For a comprehensive list contact the Director